Laudamus holds auditions before or after each semester, at the discretion of the director. Auditions for the 2023 Spring Semester will be announced later this year. Please let us know of your interest by filling out the audition request form on this page and our director, Nathan Payant, will contact you to schedule an audition.

An audition consists of vocal exercises to assess range, intonation, and overall tone quality; sight-singing; and ear-training. It is not required to prepare a piece ahead of time.

• Sight-singing: Sing your part on a section of a selected piece using whichever method you’re most comfortable with (text, solfege, neutral syllable, etc.). In addition, you may be asked to count out the rhythm on a given section of music.

• Ear-training (aural skills): Listen to a musical phrase or set of intervals and sing it back on a neutral syllable.

Please fill out the form below and indicate what part you sing and what choral experience you have. Thank you. We look forward to meeting you.

    Choir Facts

    Rehearsals: Most Mondays 7:00 pm – 9:15 pm
    Additional preparation with recordings
    Concerts: 2 or 3 per year
    Dress: Tuxes for men, concert dresses for women