Photo GREG GETTE (tenor)
Greg is a physical therapist who grew up in Rowe, Massachusetts. He enjoys tennis, playing the guitar, singing, chess, and ping pong, and would like to learn how to play a reed instrument. He likes visiting parks, lakes, oceans, and mountains. His favorite season is the fall because of the beauty it brings. Greg has a wonderful wife named Heidi, and they have five children ages 9, 7, 4, and twin 2 year-olds. If he could have a superpower, it would be time travel. His favorite color is copper and his favorite foods are Iranian and Italian.
Photo RYAN HICKEY (bass)
Ryan grew up in Great Falls, Montana and is the managing editor for Peterson’s here in Fort Collins. He enjoys fly fishing, baseball (go Mariners!), dog walks and hikes, running, and science fiction literature, films, and games. He would like to learn more about cooking and auto mechanic work. Ryan is married to Tory, who is a first year vet student at CSU. He has three dogs named Monty, Kruger, and Maeby and three cats named Sprite, Bug, and Boo Boo. He enjoys sushi, buffalo wings, and fresh berries. If Ryan could have a superpower it would be teleportation. His favorite color is orange, and his favorite season is fall because of the great brown trout fishing. He enjoys being in Laudamus because he loves the group size and the music.
Photo DEBBIE SILAR (alto)
Debbie is a Fort Collins gal who lives here with her husband, Don. They have three children: Brandon and his wife Pam, Kaitlin and her husband Shane and baby boy Landon, and Sarah and her husband Cody. In addition to watching her grandson during the day, Debbie loves sewing, calligraphy, gardening, reading, embroidery, and cross stitch. She would like to learn more about painting, watercolors, and crocheting. She likes going up to her cabin in Estes Park. Debbie’s favorite season is the fall because she likes the cooler weather but not the wind. She likes the color red and eating ice cream, cheeses, and bacon. Debbie likes being in Laudamus because it makes her heart happy.
Photo WHITNEY STUBERG (soprano)
Whitney is originally from Edmond, Oklahoma, and is currently the choir director at Lesher Middle School in Fort Collins. If she could have a superpower it would be to read minds. Whitney likes to ride scooters, garden and kill plants, cook, travel, and is in a book club. Her favorite color is orange and her favorite season is the fall because she loves the colors and breaking the sweaters out of the closet. Her favorite food is Chinese food, and she likes to visit Scotland and Ireland. She would like to learn how to fly fish and speak French. Whitney has a husband named Chris and a dog named Dixie. She likes singing in Laudamus because it is a nice break from students and a creative outlet.
Photo KEVIN UTTER (tenor)
Kevin is a church organist, piano/ keyboard teacher, and amateur radio guy from Wheatland, Wyoming. He enjoys amateur radio and computers, and wants to learn more about Renaissance music and the pipe organ. He likes Mexican food and home cooking. Kevin likes being in Laudamus because of the exposure to different kinds of music and the music making process.
Photo JACK WHEELER (bass)
Jack is from Littleton, Colorado, and teaches voice and piano at the Loveland Academy of Music. He would like to learn more about music history and climate change. His hobbies are trains, piano, sustainability, nature, appreciation, skiing, and Spanish. He has two younger brothers, one Labrador retriever, one Yorkshire terrier, and one house on a creek Jack likes to visit the mountains, the Platte River, Plum Creek, and Fort Collins in general. He doesn’t have a favorite color or season– he likes all of them! “Existence is splendid!” His favorite foods are fresh fruits and Mexican. Jack likes being in Laudamus because it is so cohesive and “we truly are a musical family.”
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