Song of Songs

I come before you
I rest in your presence
I lift up my heart
Fill me musical melody
I am filled with emotion
Needing only this
To bathe in the spirit
We call upon you Lord
Hear our invocation
Connection to creation
I am refreshed and renewed
Singing the melody in my heart

In the softness and quietness
The cello language leading
Singing strings
Then human harmony
My cup runneth over
So much to play upon the beating heart
Love oozing from every corner
The almighty speaking to us
With immortal grace
I am here to capture the moment

Undying chant
Ebb and flow of the ages
Ever present
Within the girth of Christianity
Angels of heaven
Exhausting their power
Distillate of sweetness
Strengthen me

And there you are before us
Blessed Lord Jesus
Ultimate director of our lives
Working in and through all of us
And now the ivory pacing the pant
The breath between breaths
In this lovely expression of beauty

A baptism of song
Immerse me dear Father
In the waters of thy spirit
Sing to me
So I might rejoice in the loveliness
Set me free and lift my soul

R. Ira Porterfield
April 18, 2016

Written during the April 18, 2016 rehearsal for Song of Songs

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