Mallory grew up in Fort Collins and is the music teacher at McGraw Elementary School in town. Her favorite season is summer because she doesn’t have to work and she can sit by the poolside all day. She loves singing Broadway show tunes, reading, exercising, hanging out by the pool, boating and water skiing, playing tennis, frisbee golf, nerding out over Downton Abbey and The Big Bang Theory, snow skiing, and eating. She would like to learn more about cooking, singing high and beautifully like a soprano, and tap dancing. Her favorite foods are chocolate, Mexican, Chinese, and deserts but she doesn’t have a favorite color. If she could have a superpower it would be to fly and apparate. Mallory has a mom and dad in Fort Collins, brother in college, and sister, brother in-law, and baby niece. She likes to visit Cozumel for scuba diving and Lake Powell; her dream trips are to backpack around Europe, and go to New York City with her sister to see every show possible and eat a bunch of food. She likes being in Laudamus because she can sing with great singers. “It reminds me why I wanted to become a music teacher. I love learning from Laura. The backrubs and alto bonding parties are a bonus!”

STEVE LUNDEEN (president)
Steve is a Physics professor at Colorado State University who grew up in Rock Island, Illinois. He and his wife, Ann (also sings in Laudamus), have a daughter who lives in San Francisco with her husband and two young daughters. His favorite food is scallops and he enjoys fly fishing and hiking. He likes visiting Montana and Wyoming rivers. Steve’s favorite color is blue and he would like to learn more about playing the guitar. He likes singing in Laudamus because there is good music and great people; if possible, Steve’s superpower would be to have perfect pitch and a five octave range.


Shawn retired from the Air Force and is now an air traffic controller at Centennial Airport. He comes from Fort Collins, Colorado and is married to Susan; they have one beautiful daughter. Shawn enjoys watching and playing sports; hhis favorite season is fall because it is football season and the leaves start changing colors.. His favorite food is Italian and favorite color is blue. Shawn likes to travel in general for the scenery, history, and architecture. He would like to learn more about landscaping and horticulture. Shawn enjoys being a member of Laudamus because he enjoys singing– “Laudamus is the serious outlet and karaoke is the not so serious.”


Susan is an I.T. Technical Consultant from Denver. She is married to Shawn– they met at CSU in 1989!– and has a 14 year-old daughter, and a Malamute dog named Jack. She enjoys playing the piano, soccer, watching sports in general, and reading. Her favorite season is autumn because of the colors and perfect temperature. She likes the color blue and Italian food. Susan likes to visit coastal cities, and big cities in general. She would like to learn a second language, and would see the future if she had a superpower. She likes being in Laudamus because she can practice her art of singing, learn new repertoire, and fellowship.


Cherry is a retired newspaper reporter from Osage, Iowa. She likes hiking, music, reading, and photography, and would have endless energy as a superpower! She has five children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren! Cherry’s favorite season is the fall because of the beautiful colors and crisp air; her favorite color is red. She would like to learn more about the harmonica. She likes to visit the Northwest, especially the Oregon coast, and Eastern Europe; her favorite kind of food is Italian. She likes being in Laudamus because of the challenging, beautiful music and friendly people.

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Norman was born in Amsterdam. Though he moved to Canada when he was nine, bringing his family with him, he wore wooden shoes until he was 27. He is married to a lovely alto and has two daughters. He loves trail running and cycling; he commutes almost every work day of the year. Photography is also a passion. His favorite food is hot sauce straight out of the bottle. Since he works in graphics at a label printer, his favorite colors have to be specific, such as Pantone 7484, Pantone 300 and Pantone 158. Mooie kleuren!


RUTH WICK (treasurer)
Ruth is a registered nurse and director of the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center. If she could have a superpower, it would be to be a medical wizard with healing powers. She likes running, skiing, hiking, reading, traveling, and of course, singing! She likes traveling to the mountains, ocean, and Europe, was born in WaKeeney, Kansas, lives in Windsor, and commutes to Fort Collins to sing in Laudamus. Ruth likes Laudamus because of the challenge of singing beautiful choral music and expanding her musical knowledge. She would like to learn conversational Spanish. Ruth has a husband named Robin (lawyer), son and daughter-in-law, Jeffrey and Megan (Megan also sings in Laudamus!), daughter, son-in-law, and grandson, Allison, Mike and Stewart, and son and girlfriend-in-law, Grant and Christine Nyquist (Christine also sings in Laudamus!). Ruth likes eating potatoes and popcorn, the color teal, and summertime because she loves heat and being outside to enjoy nature.